Stacey Abrams has no business being vice president

Cockburn suspects Abrams can’t be very popular outside of the elite media bubble given her accolades consist only of being the first black woman to run for the governor’s seat in Georgia, which, again, she did not win. She then insisting that she lost that race due to voter suppression. Her refusal to concede to her opponent seemed like sour grapes to most rational viewers, especially since the supposedly suppressed votes may not even have been enough to have won the race. But the Democratic media lapped up her complaints nonetheless. Soon, she was delivering the Democratic rebuttal to the State of the Union, launching a nonprofit dedicated to fighting voter suppression, and dreaming of becoming president. Failing upwards, indeed.

One of the few advantages Abrams could bring to the table as a running mate is her skin color. There is still a rabid base within the Democratic party that feeds on identity politics more aggressively than hemp and pitaya smoothies. But even this is hardly a reason for Joe Biden to call Abrams, as he already performs incredibly well among black voters and is almost sure to get the vote of the identitarian left because they will do anything to ensure Trump does not win reelection.

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