Are Trump’s MAGA rallies a hotbed of "hidden voters"?

Nearly 31,000 people signed up to attend Donald Trump’s recent campaign rally in North Charleston, S.C. It didn’t matter that less than half of them showed up.

The Trump campaign kept every one of their names and plans to spend the next eight months urging them to help the president’s reelection efforts — knocking on doors, donating a few dollars, attending a meetup and, most importantly, voting on Election Day.

In total, the campaign has identified more than 1.4 million potential voters from their events since Inauguration Day 2017, primarily the raucous Make America Great Again rallies. But most importantly, the campaign says that dataset includes thousands of people who have failed to cast a ballot in recent years, people who aren’t traditional Republican voters, even people who say they are Democrats. Nearly 10 percent of those registered, for example, had not voted in at least three of the last four elections while up to a quarter are Democrats, the campaign claims.