Hey Bernie: Black voters, not the elites, propelled Biden's comeback

By casting Biden’s supporters as members of the same elite political ruling class, Sanders is marginalizing the voices of black voters while arming Trump and his MAGA-army with ammunition to exacerbate the racial divides in this country. Meanwhile, Sanders has gone up with a new ad that makes it seem like former President Barack Obama is endorsing him.

The new spot is clearly an effort by the Sanders campaign to try to and make some headway with African American voters, but it runs the risk of alienating them even further given Sanders’ complicated record when it comes to Obama. As The Root’s Jason Johnson noted, “Obama cosplay doesn’t work, especially if you tried to primary him in 2012 and portray him as part of the anti-poor political establishment for the last year.”

To this point, Sanders’ entire electability rationale has been based on the false premise that he can attract new, younger voters to the polls and expand the base of the Democratic Party. In Virginia, almost half-a-million more votes were cast in this year’s primary than in 2016, but exit polls revealed that the share of young voters that Sanders is so reliant on actually went down. In fact, the share of young voter participation went down in Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and even in the Senator’s home state of Vermont.