Why Andrew Yang would make a terrible mayor of New York

How out of touch is Yang with the metropolis he’d run? His conviction that technology is taking away millions of livelihoods sits oddly with New York City’s near-record low unemployment. Our economy is driven almost entirely by businesses that rely on electronic technology, from neighborhood food delivery to global banking.

Yang’s troglodyte utterings might chase away tech companies that brought tens of thousands of jobs to Gotham and bolstered city coffers with tax revenue. Goodbye, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook!

Sure, the Big Apple lost factory jobs in the last half-century — but not to “robots.” The Garment District’s shrinkage from hundreds of thousands of apparel-making jobs in the 1960s, for example, has dwindled to a mere 5,000 today, but the exodus had nothing to do with Yang’s dreaded automatons. Rather, the flight of sewing jobs to cheap-labor pools of Asia and Central America was to blame.

We need a new mayor who can dream big but also understand the nuts and bolts of our city. We can’t afford a candidate like Yang who needs a crash course in New York City 101.