Will Bernie go after Biden over Burisma?

If you dare mention Hunter and Ukraine, the Democratic establishment pols start frothing at the mouth. So, I’ll light a candle and pray Donna Brazile doesn’t tell me to “go to hell.” It’s Lent, Donna. C’mon, man.

If Bernie Sanders wants to really fight and draw a contrast between himself and Biden, he should go to that Ukrainian business. Yammering about Biden and Social Security won’t cut it.

Joe Biden is a swamp creature and his family has scored off Joe’s political leverage, just as if Joe were mayor of Chicago in the old days. Bernie is not a swamp creature. He’s an ideologue of the left and the Democratic establishment hates him.

It’s not policy. They’re all going the same direction. This is about control. If the Democratic establishment had a choice between losing elections or losing control of the party, they’d lose elections. Without control of the party they have no leverage to make their deals. The Republican establishment was the same in 2016. They would have rather lost the White House than have President Donald Trump run their party. But Trump rushed them and fought in the mud and the blood and the beer, biting ears off and giving no quarter.