If Joe Biden wins

If Biden wins, I won’t have to fear that the president might order the abrogation of a free-trade agreement with a major trading partner — only for a watchful adviser to snatch the order from his desk before he can sign it. I won’t have to read about frantic aides wondering if the president is really serious about his threats to withdraw the U.S. from NATO. I won’t have to cross my fingers hoping that a clever general will convince the president that the reason we shouldn’t betray our desperate Kurdish allies in Syria is so we can keep the oil.

If Biden wins, I won’t have to watch another press conference like Trump’s at Helsinki. I won’t have to wonder why the president seized his own translator’s notes after a meeting with Vladimir Putin. I won’t have to hear paeans of praise sung for North Korea’s ogreish tyrant, or for Turkey’s pernicious strongman, or for China’s cult-of-personality despot.

If Biden wins, I won’t have to read that the president has told fellow American lawmakers to “go back” to their countries of birth or ancestry.