"It's a 50-50 nation": Chris Wallace on Fox News, Trump, and America's great divide

Cable news, accused of rewarding whoever shouts loudest and brings the most shock value, has been blamed for accelerating America’s coming apart, Fox News and MSNBC offering alternative facts and realities. Wallace is uncertain.

“Yeah, I guess I think they’re contributing to it, all of them together, in perhaps equal measure. I mean, the only hesitation I have in saying that is I don’t know that the polarisation wouldn’t be there if we weren’t on the air.

“It’s a 50-50 nation, it’s a divided nation. People are constantly saying, ‘Why can’t we come together and get things done,’ and part of the problem is we’re just so divided on so many issues. Do I think media commentary plays a role in that? Perhaps. But when you look at the results and it’s 51-49 and Trump wins the electoral vote but Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote, it’s just the way the nation is at this point.”