Elizabeth Warren's candidacy failed because voters saw through her

Her wealth tax, for instance, promised to raise $3.75 trillion if ultra-rich individuals pitched in just a few cents, to fund free childcare, free college, student debt forgiveness, her K-12 education plan, and part of her healthcare proposal. But experts across the political spectrum noted that it would raise a fraction of the promised amount, be impossible to administer, and would more likely than not be declared unconstitutional.

She vowed to tackle the problem of climate change but also promised to ban fracking (which has reduced carbon emissions in the United States) and to phase out nuclear power (which most climate experts say will have to dramatically increase to meet emissions goals).

After steadily surging in polls for months, Warren’s campaign began to unravel in the fall as rivals challenged her ludicrous claim that she could finance a $34 trillion plan to provide generous health coverage to all Americans without raising middle-class taxes.