Biden looks to expand staff as Bloomberg weighs how to help him

A day after Mr. Bloomberg’s exit, his top advisers were beginning to map out how to repurpose his sprawling campaign organization to support Mr. Biden and other Democrats in the general election. The former New York City mayor has pledged for months to use his personal wealth to fund efforts against Mr. Trump even if someone else became the Democratic nominee…

Indeed, the mechanics of Mr. Bloomberg’s plans are partly in the hands of lawyers who are weighing how best to convert different aspects of a political campaign into something that could be legally deployed on behalf of other Democrats. Several people close to Mr. Bloomberg said there was nothing resembling a grand plan in place.

While wealthy candidates like Mr. Bloomberg are permitted to spend unlimited sums of money on their own campaigns, there are strict limits on how much they can directly contribute to other candidates. As a result, Mr. Bloomberg cannot simply continue paying his campaign staff and direct them to work on Mr. Biden’s behalf instead.