Bernie Sanders needs to find the killer instinct

How should he go about doing this? I think the answer is that is time to get tough. Sanders should announce immediately that the Democratic Party itself is irrelevant, that a choice between Trump and Biden is one not worth making, and that his supporters have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying to secure the nomination for him and no one else. He should commence a parallel campaign against the party that has been conducting one against him for half a decade now. No more calls for Democratic unity, no more making nice with people who fear him more than they do the guy they pretend is an existential threat to both the American republic and the global order. Reject their deceitful clemency. Rally the troops instead. Do everything possible to increase turnout. Try to squeeze a few endorsements out of whatever elected officials are willing to go on the record, including the rather large number of former presidential candidates who have so far declined to come out in favor of Biden. If all else fails, use the spoils system. Convince mid-level Democrats who are popular in crucial states that a primo cabinet job will open up if they say the right things. And for goodness’ sake, ask Tom Steyer for help: If this rich dork is willing to spend upwards of a hundred million dollars for the chance of shaking your damn hand, he is probably good for a hundred million more for turnout operations and so on. Abandon proceduralist strictures about campaign finance. Unleash the Green New Deal PAC or whatever.