The establishment strikes back

Beating President Donald Trump is a powerful motivator for Democrats. In fact, 60 percent of Democrats, when asked whether they would prefer a candidate who agrees with them on almost all issues or one who had the best chance of beating the president, said they would prefer the candidate who would defeat Trump, according to a November Gallup poll. “The further we get into primary season, the more seriously everybody is going to take it,” one of these “electability voters,” Lisa Grant-Coffin, a 53-year-old art director, told The Atlantic at Biden’s primary-night rally in South Carolina on Saturday. “Ideology is important, but pragmatism is important. You can’t do anything if you’re just yelling on the corner,” she said. “You have to be in the office.”

The Democrats’ desperate need to beat Trump is part of why former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was able to quickly rise in the polls. He flooded ad markets with one main message: He was the one who could topple Trump…

“A lot of black voters, especially southern black voters, aren’t looking for a revolution,” Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University, told The Atlantic in an interview tonight. “The reason why a lot of older black voters are conservative—as in, conservative in picking a candidate—is because they know what this country is capable of … Sure, some people will agree with the need for a revolution,” but many others may be wary.