Carville on Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders should drop out now

Carville, who last month made headlines when he said he was “scared to death” over the democratic-socialist Vermont senator gaining the nomination, on Tuesday night literally saluted Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) for saving the Democratic Party by endorsing Biden before the South Carolina primary.

After observing that candidates Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) weren’t “long for this world,” he then wondered if the MSNBC panel—which notably did not consist of any pro-Sanders pundits at the time—would weigh in on whether Democrats should now pressure Sanders to make his exit.

“You might see Democrats starting to ask Sanders, ‘Look, let’s don’t drag this thing out any more than we have to,’” the former Clinton advisor noted. “People want to get on to the general election. They want to get on to defeating Donald Trump.”

Carville went on to say that if Democrats are going to beat Trump, “We can’t be lollygagging around any longer” and “it seems the party is making a decision.”