Mike Pence may have been exposed to coronavirus

Yes, Vice President Mike Pence, who President Trump put in charge of the country’s coronavirus-fighting efforts, met with students last week at a high school where one student has been quarantined for exposure to coronavirus. Pence shook hands with cadets at the Sarasota Military Academy on Friday, and since then, a boy from the school had been quarantined after his mother was exposed to a person who’d tested positive for coronavirus, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports.

The Sarasota Military Academy made a Facebook post about the quarantined student and mother on Monday, saying both of them “currently are not showing any symptoms” and promising it would disinfect the school. School maintenance crews also say they had disinfected the school about 10 days earlier, before Pence’s visit, as a normal precaution during flu season, per the Herald-Tribune. The school assured the Herald-Tribune that the student hadn’t met Pence last week. “We have been in touch with the Pentagon, so we assured them that particular cadet was not present for that occasion,” the school’s executive director Col. Christina Bowman said.