Chris Matthews survived #MeToo — until he angered Bernie Bros and Warren fans

Warren-defender Laura Bassett compared his aggressive questioning of the Massachusetts senator to the “objectifying” comments she faced from Matthews three years ago. That MSNBC decided to take action against a credible accusation is not the problem. That they waited this long is.

For starters, corporate giants, especially supposedly liberal ones such as MSNBC ought to care about ethical workplace environments regardless of the talent that might be expunged as a result. But, even more important for women everywhere, caring about issues such as sexual harassment and assault cannot begin only when political or personal interests are at stake.

Matthews is either the target of a witch hunt, which the available evidence doesn’t seem to corroborate, or he’s only facing the music because an executive found it politically expedient to care about sexual harassment. Both possibilities are reprehensible, and those in the Hardball orbit ought to clarify.