Why Elizabeth Warren thinks she can still win the nomination

Warren’s strategy, laid out in conversations with more than a half-dozen of her aides and close allies, relies largely on outlasting several of her less well-financed rivals and trying to collect their supporters when they drop out. One aide told POLITICO that the campaign thinks multiple candidates will withdraw in the next seven to 10 days, shaking up the race.

The aide didn’t name names, but outside allies did. “Others like Pete and Amy have had feel-good blips of momentum, but will enter Super Tuesday without strength,” said Maria Langholz, press secretary for the Warren-aligned Progressive Campaign Change Committee. “[Warren] enters Super Tuesday with lots of groundwork laid, two fantastic debate performances during early voting in upcoming states, and an overall position of strength.”

Warren advisers believe she can remain in the hunt by collecting a significant number of delegates on Super Tuesday and then again on March 10 — they are optimistic about California, Colorado, Texas, Michigan and Washington — even if they don’t win any states outright.