O, how Obama could alter 2020 presidential race for Joe Biden

Think how much more crucial it would be right now if Obama finally followed suit and endorsed Joe Biden after his vice president’s smashing victory in the Palmetto State. There was a 10-day gap between Obama’s win in 2008 and the multistate primary on Super Tuesday.

This year, Super Tuesday is … this Tuesday. Biden could really use a massive news event to make the point to voters in those 14 states that he is a winner and a better choice against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders — and Obama’s ego might be tickled by the prospect at being a decisive player in the race.

Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said she thought Obama would respect the process because he wouldn’t have liked it if someone had put his finger on the scale in 2008 while he was hunting for delegates? Yeah, I’m sure he really hated the Kennedy endorsements on his behalf.