Democrats, you have only a few days to stop Bernie

Buttigieg will not win a state on Super Tuesday — not even close — and should give up the dream of 2020 before the calendar turns to March. But thanks for that line on Tuesday about a general election race between a man stuck in the social mores of the 1950s and another man frozen in the revolutionary politics of the 60s.

The pair of billionaires, Steyer and Bloomberg, are vanity candidates who should look in the mirror of reality. They can do the country an enormous favor by spending zillions in the general election, helping along those who are still blind to the fraud of Donald Trump.

If most of the above candidates don’t leave the race now, we could have a situation on Tuesday where Sanders wins, say, 30 percent of the vote in California, but no other candidate gets any pledged delegates. The threshold is 15 percent of the statewide vote. So, two-thirds of Democrats could vote for someone other than Sanders, and he would be the only one with something to show for it. That’s insane.