Biden is back. But is it too late?

One argument is that the short time frame between South Carolina and Super Tuesday works greatly to his advantage, as the days leading up to the vote will be dominated by coverage of the Biden “comeback.” Any bounce he gets is unlikely to wear off by the time voters go to the polls.

Furthermore, when there were doubts about Biden, it precipitated a surge in support for Michael Bloomberg, who has been blanketing the Super Tuesday states with ads. After Bloomberg’s shaky debate performances and Biden’s big win in South Carolina, it’s possible that those voters who migrated in February will quickly come back to Biden.

The other argument is that it may be too late for Biden. His string of losses in February likely impacted his fundraising, which meant he had less of an opportunity to take out ads and build up his infrastructure in Super Tuesday states, in stark contrast to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Bloomberg.

Even if money rolls in after South Carolina, there won’t be much time to deploy it before Tuesday. Also, many states allow early voting.