Could a Sanders/Warren ticket work?

Patching things up between the two isn’t impossible, according to some. “I’m all for it,” Belvin Olason told RCP at a Sanders rally in North Charleston. He doesn’t mind Warren’s attacks and said he could tolerate “a certain amount of politicking because she is trying to win the nomination.”

Olason, a community organizer from the area, said the only problem he sees with a Warren vice presidency would be losing another “progressive voice in the Senate.” Otherwise it makes sense because “Warren is my second choice, as I’m sure she is for a lot of Sanders voters.” Plus, Olason added, “There is less bad blood between her and Hillary voters, so that would be helpful for a general election.”

Many supporters echo that sentiment. A handful, including Alethea Shapiro from New York, who has travelled from state to state helping canvass for Sanders, “would rather see a woman of color as his VP.”

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