Trump won the South Carolina debate

Consider, Biden earns plaudits because he may have saved his candidacy — for now — by the skin of his teeth, and in large part, that happened because the socialist frontrunner happened to meltdown in spectacular fashion, turning red-faced as he refused to admit he’s a commie bootlicker and wearing every day of his 78 years on his growling jowls.

Bernie Sanders promised that he wasn’t a “friend” of Xi Jinping. Too bad this came just one night after he praised the Chinese Communist Party for pulling millions poverty — when in fact it was Western-enabled capitalist reforms that did so — and during the same debate, he reserved harsher words for the Israeli democracy. When he tried to waffle on his previous (read: decades-long) sycophancy towards Castro’s Cuba, it took Pete Buttigieg to hold him to account. Yes, it was the 38 year-old former mayor of the 308th largest city in the nation that finally made the 78-year old senator look like the petulant child he is.

Too bad the moderate lane is being bulldozed by the evil billionaire. Michael Bloomberg let his own Sinophilia out on full display tonight, refusing to even concede that Jinping, who hasn’t so much as staged a sham election, is a dictator.

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