After Sanders's praise for Castro, Cuban-Americans like him even less

“Bernie Sanders here is dead in the water,” Emiliano Antunez, a Cuban-American political strategist, told Yahoo News, speaking outside the Versailles Cuban restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana, a famous local spot for talking politics. “And he’d be literally dead if he showed up — they’d probably run him over.”…

Ricardo Pedreguera, who told Yahoo News he immigrated to the United States in 1966 after Castro took over his family’s shoe factory, said he believed Sanders would make Americans poor.

“Who the hell is going to pay for the things he’s promising?” said Pedreguera at Domino Park in Little Havana. “Do you know what the American dream is now? Disability. Everybody wants everything for free.”

Pedreguera said he was a Republican who supported Trump and believed he would win in November. His views were shared by Jorge Luis Iparraguirre, a Cuban-American who spoke to Yahoo News in Spanish outside the Café Versailles. Iparraguirre, a lifelong Republican, calls Trump the best president in U.S. history. Of Democrats, he said, “They’re all Communists, but Bernie Sanders is the worst.”

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