China said it was easing Wuhan's coronavirus lockdown, then backtracked

On Monday, a city government statement on Weibo said that non-residents would now be able to travel out of Wuhan as long as they are healthy and not quarantined. It was the first move to ease a lockdown over the 60 million Hubei population that’s been in place for a month, and seen as a sign that China believed that the outbreak is until control.

But hours later, the statement was deleted off Weibo as well as state media sites without explanation. Shortly after, a new statement was issued on the city government’s Weibo account saying that the earlier announcement was “unauthorized” and that there would be no change to the quarantine…

The shifting public stance is the second flip-flop from Hubei’s leadership in a week. Last week, after some Hubei cities had deleted cases from their official count of infections, party secretary Ying Yong ordered them to be added back. The cities said they had made the deletions after review by medical professionals but Ying lambasted them for undermining public trust.

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