The Berniemobile is filling up with realist-idealists, revolutionaries, and bandwagoners

The Realist-Idealists are attracted to his far-left position on some issue they care about — usually climate change or Medicare-for-all. Many supported Sanders in 2016. But they are Democrats before they are Sanders voters. They will “Vote Blue No Matter Who” in November, a point they often spontaneously emphasize.

The Revolutionaries, by contrast, resemble the new voters President Trump brought into the GOP. They value authenticity over flexibility; they always tell you that Sanders has been saying the same thing for 40 years. Often they add that 2016 was the first time they got interested in politics or voted.

These folks insist it’s Bernie or Bust. “Any Blue Won’t Do,” said Charlee Magenot, who served as a delegate for Sanders in 2016 and was at a rally for him here Friday.

Even at the expense of keeping Trump in office?

At that point, Magenot’s mother, Debra Cole, interjected. “Donald Trump is not worse, for one reason: He’ll destroy it faster than they will. And then we can rebuild.”

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