What if Bernie has already won this thing?

So he’s already notched multiple wins. He’s got the money. He just might go 4 for 4 in the initial contests. He’s positioned to dominate on Super Tuesday. What exactly is the path that will lead another candidate to end this process with more delegates than him? If it exists, we’re seeing no evidence of it.

Indeed, at the Nevada debate, all of the other candidates seemed to concede that they don’t have a hope, let alone a plan, to win the most votes or delegates when they all signaled they’d support the Democratic establishment handing the nomination to someone the voters had rejected.

This fundamentally anti-democratic plot would destroy not just any notion of “unity” (which is a scam the Democratic establishment has been opportunistically and hypocritically pushing throughout the election) but also hand the election to Trump, who wants nothing more than a fractured Dem party ripe for accusations of rigging the process. Imagine how many voters would be driven from the system by the unprecedented injustice of a stolen convention.

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