Republicans against Trump open to voting for a moderate Democrat — just not Sanders

McClatchy interviewed two dozen former Republican members of Congress, Republican Party operatives and conservative activists who said they will not vote for Trump in November’s election because his behavior and rhetoric is unbecoming of a president and the policies he has pursued in office are an affront to their principles or values.

Most said among the Democratic field they cannot vote for Sanders, who is actively campaigning for higher taxes and big government policies like Medicare for All. They especially take issue with the rising democratic socialist’s past praise for the governments of Cuba and Nicaragua and his refusal to call Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro a dictator.

“Republicans are not going to vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. They’re just not. They’re too far left. They just won’t,” said former Illinois Rep. Ray LaHood, a registered Republican who said he cast a ballot in the 2020 primary, but not for Trump, and is supporting Biden for president.

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