Bernie 2020 is now Trump 2016, and it'll end badly for America

Joe Biden is much like Jeb Bush, the establishment/legacy candidate who underperformed expectations and could never get any real momentum (though Biden is doing much better than Bush did, and is now probably the only candidate, other than maybe Mike Bloomberg, with a theoretical chance to stop Sanders).

Elizabeth Warren is playing the part of Ted Cruz, the ideological purist who stayed in the race too long because of ego and an overestimation of their own chances of taking out the front-runner, once the party surely, finally came to their senses.

Pete Buttigieg is similar to Marco Rubio, the young, well spoken, future of the party who could have won had the breaks gone their way, but who never quite caught on like they might have.

Amy Klobuchar is much like John Kasich, the earnest/credible/experienced/working-class moderate who would have done very well in a general election, but who couldn’t create enough excitement in a political world now dominated only by those who can appeal to the extremes.