Nevada Democrats in overdrive to avoid Iowa repeat

Nevada political observers said the state Democratic Party had been rattled by Iowa, which only used the disastrous app on the recommendation of Nevada officials. Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent, a nonpartisan political publication, said the potential for a repeat would be higher if a wave of voters overwhelmed Democrats’ preparations.

“They were screwed by Iowa, had to regroup, but they are ready,” Ralston said. “That doesn’t mean things won’t go wrong. They will. [It’s] just a question of magnitude at this point.”

To prepare for the inevitable hiccup — or worse — the Nevada party has instilled a far more robust contingency plan than existed in Iowa. Caucus chairs will report results to a paid phone bank, rather than the volunteer phone bank that jammed on caucus night in Iowa. The phone number to reach the 200 or so professionally trained employees will only be handed out to the caucus chairs on Saturday, on paper, to avoid the kind of phone jamming that apparently hindered the Iowa process.

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