Cell phones, cancer, and coronavirus: Tucker Carlson spreads conspiracy theories

For whatever reason, Tucker thinks the FCC is lying. Fine. The National Cancer Institute also rejects a link between cell phones and cancer. (It also provides a nice critique of the study cited by Tucker.) The FDA also rejects a link. The CDC is skeptical.

If you don’t trust any government agency, then the American Cancer Society expresses doubts about a link between cell phones and cancer. If you don’t trust anything American, Cancer Research UK also says cell phones don’t cause cancer. If you don’t trust the British, the European Union does what they do — which is to provide a mealy-mouthed report that doesn’t say anything useful. If you don’t trust the Europeans (and on science, you really shouldn’t), the World Health Organization is skeptical of a cell phone-cancer link.

Did Tucker mention any of that? Of course not. Instead, he compared our usage of cell phones to those tobacco ads that featured doctors smoking cigarettes.

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