Why do Never Trumpers think they can run the Democratic party?

It is wild to watch the individuals who pilloried the idea of Trump winning in 2016 now offer their unsolicited advice on how to defeat him. The arrogance required to be consistently wrong about the political developments of the past decade and then still insist they know better is really quite something.

The exiles are even throwing their own event in DC next weekend, after being ostracized from CPAC. Kristol, Wilson, Tom Nichols, David Frum and many more will address the National Summit on Principled Conservatism. Cockburn wonders how the numbers will measure up to another fringe affair for CPAC rejects: the slightly alt-righty America First Political Action Conference, which takes place the previous day.

Even more amusing is that these NeverTrumpers were practically driven out of their party for being too cozy with the elite establishment, but have now made the same move on the other side, allying with the Democratic establishment against Bernie Sanders. Nearly three-quarters of Democratic voters believe Bernie will defeat Trump in a general election, and by all measures so far, the Vermont senator is the favorite for the nomination.

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