Trump calls Bloomberg a racist over stop and frisk, which the president has supported

Bloomberg continued to defend the practice long after he left office, only apologizing and saying “I was wrong” in November, right before he jumped into the presidential race.

Trump suggested to reporters on Tuesday that the apology was his real issue with Bloomberg’s stance.

“I think when a man is with stop-and-frisk his whole life, and then he decides to go Democrat and he goes to a church and he’s practically crying, it looked like hell, practically crying, saying what a horrible thing he did,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. “I think that’s so disingenuous. He looked pathetic. Our country doesn’t need that kind of leadership.”…

The president hailed the policy while Bloomberg was in office, and he has continued to support it from the White House. In a 2018 speech to the International Association of Police Chiefs, Trump suggested the practice could solve Chicago’s crime problem.