A bad loss in New Hampshire could be an existential threat to Biden's campaign

Yet a damaging loss in New Hampshire could put constraints on the resources Mr. Biden will have available to compete in subsequent contests. Several donors and other Democrats inclined toward Mr. Biden have privately expressed jitters about a fourth-place finish or worse in New Hampshire, and are closely watching the result. Another weak outcome, after Mr. Biden’s fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, would be alarming, some have said…

If Mr. Biden is collecting $500,000 per day, he would still be lagging far behind Senator Bernie Sanders’s fund-raising pace in the month of January, when Mr. Sanders raised roughly $800,000 per day. Mr. Biden would also be trailing what Hillary Clinton raised per day in February 2016.

“They’ve struggled with money all year long and, you know, losses tend to slow down your money,” said David Axelrod, the prominent Democratic strategist who served as a top adviser to Barack Obama. “Even to do what they need to do in Nevada and South Carolina, they need to keep the money going. This has to be a huge concern.”