The state of our union is a reality show

The elevator pitch for the 2020 SOTU was Fantasy Island meets Make-A-Wish meets Oprah.

There was a 100-year-old Tuskegee airman who Trump decorated with a new medal in the Oval Office joined by his grandson who—by total coincidence!—wants to be in Trump’s Space Force. No matter that Pew Research polling shows that even a majority of veterans who support Trump on most everything are opposed to the Space Force. Trump found the validators! (And it’s important to use exclamation points—see the headline on “Great American Comeback! President Trump Delivers 3rd State of the Union.”)

There was a military wife and two kids whose husband suddenly appeared to surprise her (“surprise” her?) from a war zone. There was a young student on who Trump bestowed a scholarship—right then and there—on live TV. There was, seated with Ivanka Trump, a formerly homeless veteran whose life turned around once he was employed under an opportunity zone provision in the 2017 tax law. There was Rush Limbaugh receiving a Medal of Freedom from Melania Trump.