Critical Iowa poll scrapped over apparent coding error

CNN and the Des Moines Register have scrapped the planned release of a key poll on Saturday, less than two days before the Iowa caucuses after concerns that an apparent coding error left one of the leading contenders out of at least one survey.

The media outlets decided to nix a planned live televised release of the survey after a supporter of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg received a call from the pollsters — and Buttigieg’s name was not one of the options offered.

A source with knowledge of the decision said a computer monitor in the call center used to conduct the poll was set to show font at a larger-than-normal text. That setting cut off the name of the last candidate listed in the randomized order testing potential Democratic candidates. In the case of at least one voter, the Buttigieg supporter, the randomized order placed Buttigieg last — and so Buttigieg’s name was not mentioned.