Ready, Dems? Hillary wants a starring role

While Democrats know Clinton’s thirst for relevance renders Trump and his voters euphoric, she remains entirely unaware. And given her mockery of Trump’s emotionally desperate tweets, it’s ironic that the former senator and first lady has also stooped to social media neediness – as when, on Jan. 8, with the nation panicked because Trump had taken us to the brink of war with Iran, she tweeted a GIF of herself under the hashtag #ivotedforHillaryClinton.

This is what Democrats dread as the campaign season intensifies and she seeks more opportunities to make news. With her 2016 battle scars Clinton feels uniquely positioned as the expert on anything related to the election of 2020 and she is prepared to indulge herself. She told the Hollywood Reporter that she has warned all the candidates: “Whoever gets the nomination, you’ve got to deal with the structural challenges that the Republicans and their allies have put in your way. So, that means you’ve got to deal with voter suppression, because they’ll steal votes or they’ll prevent votes from happening. They’re now trying to purge voters so that they can try to limit the electorate. You’ve got to deal with the theft of your personal information, particularly your emails. I say to them, ‘If your emails haven’t been stolen yet, they will be.’”