Why pro-Trump "rubes" will win again in 2020

Step outside the Beltway or quit listening to the media megaphones on the two coasts, and you’ll find that the anti-Trump #Resistance is no closer to taking him down than in 2016, when Donald Trump won 63 million votes en route to the White House.

I was one of those voters. I saw numerous parallels between President Reagan, whom I served for many years, and Donald Trump. Along with Republican strategist Eric Beach, I and many other concerned citizens started Great America PAC to advance President Trump’s “America First” agenda and defend him from the left’s partisan attacks.

Like “The Great Communicator” before him, President Trump possesses an uncanny ability to message traditionally conservative values directly to voters. His message is to believe in America: our economic might, our individual liberties, and our potential to reach new heights in the future.

President Reagan saw “morning in America.” President Trump similarly sees greatness — an America that, if put first, can indeed be a shining city on the hill.