Senators love being freed from their phones during the impeachment trial

“I reminded them I made it through a four-year chemistry degree and a three-year law degree before iPhones were invented, so it’s actually a refreshing digital cleanse,” he said. “I think it makes some of the folks who work for me very nervous that they can’t reach me immediately. It’s good. It’s fine, it’s nice to focus.”

California Sen. Kamala Harris, 55, admitted that it has been a “long time” since she’s been away from her phone for as long as she has been during the trial, and even then, it was because she was camping. But she said she enjoys focusing on the event without distractions.

“If we are being very candid and honest, this is the third time in history we are looking at this kind of serious matter, the impeachment of a president,” she said. “So, you know, aside from family, there probably aren’t many more things that are as important or as deserving of full attention as these proceedings.”

Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii was brief. “Well, I’ll tell you, you can get used to anything,” she said of being away from her phone.