Residents paint a picture of Epstein's life on "Pedophile Island"

“The talk was just that he had gotten some crazy sweetheart deal,” said charter boat Captain Jim Query. “We were always just told it was a super short sentence and maybe some time of house arrest. I never knew if that was true on the island – but that there was basically little to no penalty.”

To reach Little Saint James, Epstein first flew into St. Thomas where he had stakes in several businesses, one being Hyperion Air. According to U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George’s lawsuit against his estate, Epstein allegedly used two of the company’s helicopters “to transport young women and underage girls between St. Thomas and Little Saint James.”

George said that the web of companies made it difficult to monitor the convicted sex offender. “We believe that it is, and we allege that it was” done deliberately to hide his identity, she said.