Iowa is a graveyard for White House bids. But maybe not this year.

Poll after poll shows a cluster of four hopefuls at the top — Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg — with the possibility of delivering no clear winner among them.

Beyond that, Amy Klobuchar is demonstrating late polling strength, validated by Sunday’s high-profile endorsement from the New York Times. Then there’s Andrew Yang, who has money and the motive to keep campaigning at least through New Hampshire, the state where he figures to be strongest.

Finally, there’s virtually no Iowa outcome that would cause billionaire Tom Steyer to pull the plug, according to his team. Already armed with resources, Steyer is showing strength in Nevada and South Carolina…

Aides with Klobuchar, Steyer and Yang indicated that there’s almost no scenario that would cause their candidate to drop out before New Hampshire. With a low delegate count, especially compared to Super Tuesday states, Iowa’s influence is its ability to propel a candidate’s national narrative — either beating expectations or notching a first win — and building subsequent momentum.