Trump's MAGA supporters and Twitter Bernie Bros have this ugly tactic in common

The attacks against Warren come from the same corners of social media that disparage Democrats (like myself) as being “puppets,” “centrist,” “anti-Semitic, and “ageist” for having the audacity to question or scrutinize their chosen leader. People of color and women who dare to disagree with Sanders’ political assertions have often borne the brunt of this abuse.

This hyper-vocal faction of Sanders supporters — colloquially known as “Bernie Bros” — never went away after the 2016 presidential election. In my personal experience, these bros are almost overwhelmingly white men. And they share, like Trump’s ardent supporters, a desire to “put me in my place.”

Disturbingly, there are times where you really can’t distinguish between the tone and tactics of Trump’s #MAGA nation and Sanders’ “Bros.” We don’t want to give political cyberbullies undue attention. Indeed, racism and sexism from the cult of Trump is pretty much expected at this point; after all, they are taking cues from their leader. But in the case of Sanders supporters and anyone claiming to be a “progressive,” this type of toxicity should not be tolerated.