"Pretty nervy of you!": Trump’s Palm Beach billionaire spat

“Pretty nervy of you to come to this club,” Trump snapped.

His ire was aimed at Jeff Greene, a real estate tycoon from Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago member who ran for Florida governor in the Democratic primary last year. Greene said he wasn’t surprised by the reception. A year earlier, he and the president had gotten into a shouting match at the golf club that he videotaped and then featured in political ads across the state.

After the chilly exchange, which Greene described to POLITICO, everyone parted ways and went to the club’s dining room for a bite. But the president didn’t let it go. Sitting at a separate table in the dining room overlooking the golf course, Trump twice yelled across the room at Greene according to his retelling.

“You spent millions of dollars and came in fifth!” Trump taunted, according to Greene.

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