Justin Amash's biggest fiscally conservative donors are abandoning him

Amash likes to counter that he routinely exceeds expectations of pollsters and forecasters, that his district has some truly only-in-MI-3 characteristics (therefore rendering comparative models ineffective), and that, well, he has a pretty good track record of winning elections. His race hasn’t really been polled, and we’re still waiting to hear on fourth quarter fundraising numbers.

But the abandonment of Amash by limited government advocacy groups illustrates how party-dependent their commitment to principle is. As long as you fly the GOP flag, you’ll be eligible to receive a “Top Ten Reasons to Support Justin Amash for U.S. Congress in MI-3.” Support the impeachment of a Republican president, or leave your party and caucus behind, well, won’t you please sign our thank-you card to Rep. Jim Jordan for fighting “shifty Adam Schiff”?

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