Iranian attack scrambles House war powers vote

The real prospect of rapidly intensifying conflict with Iran complicates the Democrats’ plan to repudiate President Donald Trump for a deadly drone attack on Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani last week without notifying Congress. House Democrats say they are likely to pause, if not abandon, their plans for a war powers resolution.

“This discussion started Sunday night. It’s now 48 hours, or less than 48 hours since,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday night. “This is something that we have to consider seriously and thoughtfully and correctly and we’re going to do that.”

“We need to figure out what’s going on,” added Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), one of the nation’s most prominent anti-war Democrats, when asked about plans for a war powers vote this week.

“I think everyone expected some unfortunate retaliation,” Lee said of Tuesday’s Iranian attacks. “It’s a spiral now, that unfortunately might get out of control. That’s what we don’t want to see.”