One certainty for 2020: Conservatives will lose

A presidential election year has kicked off with both parties navigating new ideological crosscurrents. Two Bloomberg Opinion columnists, Ramesh Ponnuru and Michael R. Strain, met recently to discuss the state of the country’s politics.

Ramesh Ponnuru: The last time we conversed here, Mike, you were lamenting that the Republican Party had become more Trumpified than ever while the Democrats were lurching toward their own form of unproductive populism. Does the year’s end find you just as gloomy?

Michael R. Strain: I’m more gloomy, to be honest. Republicans in the House did not cover themselves in glory during the serious business of impeachment. Take Representative Debbie Lesko of Arizona, who went so far as to deny that President Donald Trump asked Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the overwhelming evidence that he did exactly that. (Her office later clarified her statement.)