Pelosi's demand for fair impeachment trial is laughably hypocritical

The process of impeachment is of a serious enough nature that both Democrats and Republicans should approach it with the least amount of party loyalty possible. In the current scenario, it requires that Democrats, eternally enraged at the thought of Trump as president, consider that his actions, while inappropriate, do not rise to the level needed to meet the definition of “impeachable.” Conversely, Republicans must admit that the president often behaves in haphazard and downright questionable ways and that inquiries into his actions may be justified. Unfortunately, this honesty is prevalent in neither party.

Pelosi’s command rings hollow since every member of Congress is partisan. In addition, it lacks sincere power as it comes from those whose mission for the whole of his presidency has been to remove Trump at any cost.

In the end, partisanship will reign supreme. This political reality demands that facts be studied and personal opinions about the man in the Oval Office, positive or negative, be set aside. As it stands now, those facts, while showing Trump to be incredibly reckless and perhaps deserving of censure in his dealings with foreign officials, do not rise to the level of impeachment.