Former Fox News staffers bash Hannity for urging O’Reilly’s return

In a statement, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and ex-contributor Julie Roginsky—who both settled sexual harassment lawsuits with the network—along with former Fox reporter Diana Falzone—who cannot talk about her allegedly quashed Stormy Daniels reporting due to an NDA with Fox—blasted both Hannity and the network.

“It is ironic that a man accused of sexual harassment over the course of many years by many different women is being courted to return to Fox News by its most prominent on-air personality, while his many victims and other survivors of sexual harassment at that same network continue to be bound by onerous confidentiality provisions that prevent them from disclosing what those harassers said or did to them,” the statement read.

“It is also ironic that many women are bound by no-rehire provisions, which prevent them from getting their jobs back, even as Mr. Hannity is all but begging his network to rehire an accused sexual predator,” they continued. “This exchange once again demonstrates how far we have yet to go in ensuring that survivors of sexual assault and harassment are treated with even the modicum of respect and deference that Sean Hannity has shown an alleged serial predator.”