"Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am"

Carlson’s comments came during an exchange with former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein. Carlson asked him why we should care about Trump asking Ukraine for specific investigations. “Because people are dying on the front lines,” Goodstein said.

To which Carlson responded: “Why do I care what is going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? And I’m serious. Why do I care? Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am.”…

After social media lit up with the comment, Carlson took time at the end of the show to claim he wasn’t actually serious. “Of course I’m joking. I’m only rooting for America [and] mocking the obsession many on the left have.” When he handed off the show to the next hour host, Sean Hannity joked, “Tucker’s a communist.” Carlson added: “I rooted against Russia when it mattered, by the way.”