Trump's impeachment hearings show Kim Kardashian is a smarter adviser than Rudy Giuliani

Alice Marie Johnson did not deserve a life-in-prison sentence over a nonviolent drug conviction, but the reality is, if not for the lobbying of Kardashian, Trump would have never commuted the sentence. Johnson herself called her release a “miracle.” The same can be said of the criminal justice reform bill for which she advocated and which was recently signed into law — an occasion marked by Kardashian delivering remarks on its passage at the White House.

And that’s not even to mention the fact that the House of Representatives finally passed legislation recognizing the Armenian genocide, a cause for which Kardashian has been advocating for years. It has been blocked in the Senate because of Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. — a staunch Trump fan and ally, so one suspects Kardashian has plenty of pull there, too.

And surely, the stay of execution of Rodney Reed, which Kardashian helped bring awareness to, can also be laid at least partially at her feet. Kardashian was with Reed at the time when he found out his execution in Texas was delayed.

In many ways, Kim Kardashian is essentially another Rudy Giuliani in the Trump administration, if Rudy knew what he was doing. Say what you will about Kardashian, but she’s not as big a goof as “America’s Mayor.”