As a Christian, I shouldn't be forced to work same-sex weddings

Why do I care about this so much? Well, I have a passion for marriage and, with it, weddings. As a Christian, I believe that something significant is happening. It’s a couple pledging their lives to each other, which the Bible tells us is a picture of the relationship between Jesus Christ and His church.

Because marriage is so important to me, I’m careful to photograph and blog about each of these solemn ceremonies in a way that reflects my views of marriage. In every photograph I take and with each word I pen on my blog, I’m trying to portray this beautiful ceremony and this marriage in the best light possible — to show others that marriage really is worth pursuing.

This means I wouldn’t be the best person to photograph every wedding. Of course, I serve everyone regardless of who they are. I just don’t photograph every wedding requested of me. For example, I can’t celebrate a wedding that devalues how seriously I take marriage — like a heavily themed Halloween or zombie-themed wedding.