This week's debate proved Democrats' abortion extremism once and for all

It is because of the Democrats’ unwavering and reprehensible position on abortion that the politically homeless should steer clear of supporting their party, regardless of their personal feelings about President Trump.

More so than any other issue, abortion can spur a voter to support or reject a candidate outright. Those who take a single-issue approach can sometimes be seen as unserious participants in the democratic process. Critics say attaching so much weight to one subject must surely be a failure on the part of the voter to vet a politician and his platform thoroughly. But this could not be further from the truth. For anti-abortion individuals, the willingness to introduce and uphold protections for the unborn is the most basic campaign for liberty. The right to life is a fundamental aspect of conservatism.

The transformation of a Democratic Party that once believed abortion should be a last resort to now, when it is basically a celebrated form of birth control, has been stark. It is also a good indication of what to expect in the future.