Bolton teases a city eager to hear his story

Was he finally going to describe his internal opposition to President Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine for damaging information about his Democratic rivals? Would he confirm that he called the whole thing a metaphorical “drug deal” and considered Rudolph W. Giuliani a “hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up”?

Sorry, no go. Over the course of the day, Mr. Bolton posted a few more messages — not about the Ukraine matter that has propelled his former boss to the edge of impeachment but about his own two-month battle to “liberate” his Twitter account, as he put it, from a White House that refused to give it back when he resigned in September in a flurry of acrimony.

Anyone who knows Mr. Bolton should never have thought he would actually spill on Twitter. A Yale-trained lawyer, he has made clear he is waiting for a court to tell him whether he has to testify, relying on a lawsuit filed by a deputy that will be argued on Dec. 10. While former colleagues have issued public statements, Mr. Bolton’s legal team believes making any public comments could be interpreted as waiving any claim of immunity — he could hardly claim confidentiality with Congress and then tell all on Twitter.